Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Seattle Beaches

I was asked the other day about our beaches in Seattle. Since our Washington vacation homes (and many others) are listed as waterfront/beachfront, I thought it would be a good idea to describe them as the definition of "beach" seems to vary from place to place. As one for accurate and descriptive titles, I'm calling this post "Rocks, gravel, mud, and a little bit of sand." Boy, kinda makes you want to grab the ol' sun screen and hit the beach, huh? Let me break down our Seattle waterfront situation for you...

Tides/waves. We have about an 8-20 foot tidal variation in the Puget Sound (depending on the time of year and lunar cycle) with very limited wave action. Thus, sand gets formed at a very slow rate and much surface area is exposed during low tide exposing (your guessed it) rocks, gravel, mud, and sea critters.

Rocks/Gravel/Mud. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. Sure, burrying each other in rocks, gravel, and mud isn't as much fun as using sand, but there are positives. It's fun to check out all of the marine life at low tide in the rocky or muddy pools. It also has a rustic beauty that is pretty unique to the Pacific Northwest.

Water Temperature. A balmy 56 degrees in August. Yep, 56 degrees.

Sandy Beaches. Yes, there are a few sandy beaches in the Seattle area. They occur in areas where the land mass has the perfect storm of location, currents, and silt/sand sources. Two of the most popular beaches in Seattle are Alki Beach and Golden Gardens Park (pictured above). Both of these beaches are amazing! Alki Beach (pictured right) is basically Venice Beach North. It's very popular with the locals for beach volleyball, rollerblading, sunbathing, and pretty much any other beach activity. It's a big party in the Summer, with beach fires, music, and bustling cafes, restaurants, and pubs. Golden Gardens Park is more low key, but a tad more picturesque. If you are looking for more of a romantic beach getaway, this is a great choice. The sun sets directly behind the Olympic Mountains. It's an absolutely beautiful way to end the day.

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Hey Bigfoot!
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