Saturday, March 11, 2006

Big Ed's take on The Space Needle

The way I see it, you are going to the Space Needle for one of three reasons:

A)You've never been to the top of it.
B)You have screaming kids that want to go to there.
C)You're a sucker for old World Fair Structures.

It's our Mt. Rushmore. Our Arch. Our Wharf. That said, here's the down-low.

The Good:
-It has an absolutely insane view. Yes, it's that good.
-It's a landmark and does the "tourist" thing really well.
-It does actually spin around.

The Bad:
-Cost. Bigfoot does not like paying $14 to ride an elevator. They have created many ticket options to give you choices, like $17 for an all day pass. But it's Rushmore. Once is plenty. They have a "deal" that offers a free elevator pass if your order a meal at the restaurant on top. Problem is... the food is approximately $17 more expensive than what you could get at any number of fine dining establishments in Seattle. The entrees range from $20-$35 while brunch is $42.50. I did the brunch thing about ten years ago and remembering it being pretty darn good. I hear the most positive comments about the brunch as well. It's also pretty popular so you may want to purchase your tickets in advance. If you feel like having a meal and take in the best view in the city, their restaurant is quite nice and I think you'll probably enjoy yourself. It's just a bit on the expensive side.

Summary: It really is a sweet view and a big part of Seattle history. If you are going to go just be ready for the cost. Take a deep breath, reach for your wallet and accept the fact that it's gonna cost you. Kids tickets (age 7-14) are only $7, so that helps out a bit for you families out there. You can reach the Space Needle by car or from the other end of the Monorail at Westlake Center.

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